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International i-Power June 2022 Tuesday, 7 June 2022, 09:00 to Wednesday, 8 June 2022, 17:00

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We have a great line up of speakers and topics for the conference.

Day 1

Birgitta Hauser - Advanced Queries: Multiple Grouping & OLAP Funtions

Rudi van Helvoirt - Hands on NewNave The IBM Navigator for i

Andy Youens - Use Ansible for your IBM i monitoring

John Paris & Paul Tuohy - Consuming & generating JSON (RPG vs SQL)

Adrian Tully - The future of IBM i Development & Modernisation

Steve Bradshaw - IBM i Elementary School

Paul Tuohy - Access Client Solutions (ACS) for Programmers

Guy Marmorat - Security Workshop

Steve Cast - IBM i Careers

John Paris & Sue Gantner - Modern RPG Editing Options

GALA Dinner

Day 2

Mike Ryan - Welcome

Bruno Taverne - How to use the snapshot/flashcopy 'magic' function from your IBM i

Steve Cast & Chris Fenn - Web Query over i-UG Database

Alison Butterill - Keynotes

Mike Potter - IBM Flash storage - The benefits of external storage

John Taylor - Get Ready of the BT switch off - it starts now!

Ross Cruickshank - Demonstration of an Open source-based Scenario around stock reorder

Herb Daly - Macro4

Mike Davison - Viruses & Ransomware on Power

Steve Bradshaw - Things I love about 7.5

Doug Gibbs - Latest hardware update

Stan Wilkins - The Path to safety (IBM CyberVault)

Morton Rasmussen - Performance Monitoring

Andy Youens - Still stuck on PDM/SEU? Switch to Visual Studio Code for free!

Cost: £50 per day for everyone but an additional £180* for a non member (so £280 if they attend both days) (*inc. annual membership)

*Agenda is subject to change.